Point Designs Prosthetic Fingers: Point Digit, Point Partial, and Point Thumb

Point Designs Prosthetic Fingers: Point Digit, Point Partial, and Point Thumb

Point Designs leverages advanced 3D-printing technology to manufacture high-strength prosthetic fingers for people with partial hand amputation and finger loss. The ratcheting, positionable designs ensure that persons with amputation can perform heavy-duty manual labor or delicate tasks requiring high-dexterity. 

Our patented technology leads the field in strength, durability, and functionality. Our patient centric approach ensures that the devices we design and manufacture are meaningful and impactful to the end user.

Point Designs has prosthetic fingers to fit the needs of individuals with finger loss at most any level. To operate the Point Digit, Point Partial, and Point Thumb, the user positions the digit into one of the locking levels of flexion by pushing the dorsal side against an opposing surface (e.g., table, thigh, etc.). The device locks into place automatically, enabling the individual to perform their desired task.

There are two methods to extend the digit: 

        1) by pressing the button on the dorsal side of the digit

        2) by fully flexing the finger to engage the auto spring back feature (single-handed use)

The Point Digit and Point Digit mini are Point Designs’ full finger prostheses, and are available in 11 standard lengths (55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, and 105 mm, measured from MCP joint center to fingertip). 

The Point Partial is Point Designs’ partial finger prosthesis, and is available in 3 standard lengths (45, 50, and 55 mm measured from the end of the residual digit to fingertip)

The Point Thumb is Point Designs’ thumb prosthesis, and is available in 3 standard lengths (59, 66, and 73 mm measured from the end of the residual digit to thumbtip)

Point Designs' prosthetic fingers have many standardized features, allowing patients to be confident that all of their finger prostheses can accomplish any task they require. These features include:

  • 150 lb (68 kg) load capacity
  • Integrated compliant fingertip pads that are touch screen compatible and field replaceable
  • Patented ratcheting mechanism enabling unilateral operation with auto spring back 
  • Anatomical flexion and rotation around the MCP and PIP joints
  • Titanium construction, allowing for low weight and high strength 

We are pleased to answer the call of clinicians who seek a highly reliable product for patients who need durable, cost-effective prosthetic digits.

We know that navigating the world of partial hand prostheses can be daunting, and we work hard to ensure the best for those we serve. Whether this is your first time fitting our products to your patient, or you are a seasoned veteran, we are available to answer your questions. We pride ourselves in developing durable and reliable products that improve a patient’s quality of life and enable prosthetists to offer personalized solutions. 

Please visit our resources page for product literature, publications, conference proceedings, peer-reviewed abstracts, and helpful online resources.

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