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Point Endo

Point Endo Features

One-handed positioning

Anatomical flexion and rotation around the MCP joint

150 lb load rating

Low weight, high strength

Designed for cosmetic cover integration 



Endo 7

Our Full Finger Prosthesis Solution Designed for Integration with a Cosmetic Cover

Point Endo Cover and Metal

The Point Endo is not available in the United States at this time. 

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The Point Endo is a two joint ratcheting prosthetic finger specifically designed to be integrated into a cosmetic silicone covering. It is designed for light to medium duty applications and has a narrow profile and smooth exterior with no grip surfaces or contours. 

Point Designs Point Endo Full Prosthetic Fingers in Extension

Please reference this product comparison document to determine if the Point Endo is the right product for you. 

Point Designs' prosthetic fingers are made from semi-hollow titanium using a direct metal laser sintering process. The Point Endo takes all that we have learned from our other products and reduces weight and digit profile, while enabling integration with a cosmetic covering.

Point Endo 1.1

The main features of the Point Endo include:

  • 4 standard lengths (80, 85, 90, and 95 mm measured from MCP joint center to fingertip)
  • 9 locking levels of flexion
  • 150 lb (68 kg) load capacity
  • 0.7 oz - 0.88 oz (20 g - 25 g) in weight depending on length
  • Patented ratcheting mechanism enabling unilateral operation with auto spring back
  • Reduced profile, lowers weight and enables easy integration with a wide variety of prosthetic covers
  • Anatomical rotation about the patient’s metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint

To operate the Point Endo, the user positions the digit into one of the 9 locking levels of flexion by pushing the dorsal side against an opposing surface (e.g., table, thigh, etc.). The device locks into place automatically, enabling the individual to perform their desired task.

There are two methods to extend the Point Endo:  

  1. by pressing the button on the dorsal side of the digit
  2. by fully flexing the digit to engage the auto spring back feature (single-handed use)

We also offer a mounting kit that aligns fingers relative to each other for multiple (up to 4) finger systems. The fingers are ideal for people with near MCP level amputation. Slightly distal (especially if the residual digit range of motion is minimal) and proximal partial hand patients are also good candidates.
Endo 5-1

Mounting Kit

Accommodates 1-4 finger fittings

Pre-alignment between fingers

Lamination spacers and hardware included

Breakaway design

Point Endo Mounting Bracket

How much does the Point Endo cost?

Please contact us with questions related to pricing, coding, and billing. We work with patients and their care teams to provide reimbursement support.

We offer a 24-month limited warranty for defects in workmanship and/or material.

Contact us to find out more about the partial hand prosthetic options that we offer. Our team of experts is ready to serve you.