Allen Bragg Patient Spotlight

Patient Spotlight: Allen Bragg

Point Designs is excited to welcome our newest ambassador, Allen Bragg!

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Originally from Flint Michigan, Allen spent 15 years in the army and transitioned to a career in occupational health and safety. After an industrial accident three years ago, Allen lost all five digits on his left hand. Allen did not let this accident slow him down though, and has since become self employed as a certified firearms instructor. 

Working with Bulow OPS, Point Designs was able to provide four Point Digits and one Point Thumb for Allen's prosthesis. 

Allen Cutting Vegetables

Allen's prosthesis has allowed him to get back to many of the activities that he used to love, including training with his firearms. Though he has found the prosthesis useful for everyday tasks such as preparing meals and mowing his lawn. Before he had is prosthesis, Allen would have had to rig his lawnmower with Velcro, to insure that he could hold the handle. 

Allen Grasping Handle

Allen is married, with three children and three grandchildren. Involvement in his community is a passion for Allen, as well as his religion. He mentors young children, and is a board member of the Emmanuel Family Life Center.

We could not be more excited to share Allen's journey, so please reach out to us if you have any questions.

"Simple tasks are often taken for granted. Full shopping carts can get heavy and difficult to push and control with one hand. My prosthetic from Point Designs gives me confidence to do something most people don’t think about with two hands."

Allen Pushing Cart



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