Patient Spotlight: Angie Lott

Patient Spotlight: Angie Lott

In February of 2020, Angie Lott was in an off-roading accident that resulted in the amputation of digits 3-5 on her right hand. Although this accident was life changing, Angie did not let it break her spirit and she strived to adapt and overcome the challenges that her new reality brought to her life.

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As soon as she recovered enough, Angie searched for a prosthesis that would allow her some of the freedoms that she enjoyed prior to her accident. She soon found that solution with Point Designs, and in collaboration with Arm Dynamics, was able to get a custom fabricated prosthesis that was just right for her.


For her prosthesis, Angie was fit with three Point Digits attached to a carbon fiber socket. These digits are 3D printed out of titanium, and are fully articulating prosthetic fingers that can hold up to 150 lbs each. These digits were the perfect solution for Angie’s active lifestyle, and allowed her to do many of the activities that she enjoyed before her accident. These include throwing knives, shooting guns, and building things around her home.

Angie has also found that her prosthesis can withstand any environment that she can. She’s found that because of this, she is more comfortable trying out new things that she wouldn’t have been able to do without her prosthesis.

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Among the most important things that Angie has experienced since her accident has been the outpouring of love and support from her family, her friends, and from the passionate community of amputees and prosthetics users that she has joined. She’s been able to share her experiences and help others who are going through similar situations, while also learning how other patients have found success.

Angie with Gun

And lastly, Angie has found that the teams at both Arm Dynamics and Point Designs are dedicated to her success for the rest of her journey. This has meant that not only was she supported by her family and friends, but by a dedicated group of clinicians and team members that were with her every step of the way.

“Thank you Arm Dynamics and Point Designs for the incredible work you do! Both these companies will be there to support you from the moment you first talk to them until, well, forever!! Their support does not end after you get your prosthetic. They truly care about you and they want to be a part of your success and confidence. I’m eternally grateful to them 🙏🏻🦾”

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