Patient Spotlight: Thaddrick (Sapp) Kirkland

Patient Spotlight: Thaddrick (Sapp) Kirkland

Thaddrick Kirkland wears four Point Digits on his right hand, and he uses them for hard labor work (12 hour shifts), and for his hobbies including hunting and fishing. At work, he uses his digits to hold heavy objects, and to carry and dump pans of plastic pellets. At work, he’s able to cover his prosthesis with a large leather glove. 

Ever since his accident, Thaddrick has been enthusiastic about not letting his finger loss stop him, continuing to fish, hunt, and work as much as he wants to. His Point Digits "get the job done," and have even allowed him to live a healthier life. Now that he has the digits, he’s able to cook more vegetables because he can prepare them easier than he could without the digits.

Patient Spotlight

According to Thaddrick, the digits are “absolutely fantastic.”

When he was being evaluated for readiness to return to work, his supervisor was amazed that he could still do everything, allowing him to return to his old job. Without his Point Digits, he “would have had to change lifestyles completely.”

Thaddrick was excited to learn that he could use his digits in outdoor, indoor, wet, dirty, dusty and hot settings. He’s able to use them in just about any environment, and when they get dirty he is able to easily clean his digits with warm water and soap.

Patient Spotlight

Thaddrick emphasized that his Point Digits enabled him to return to work and that he wouldn’t have been able to do so without them. Thaddrick believes that Point Designs is “a life changing company”. He and his family appreciate the work that the team at Point Designs does for people with partial hand amputation.

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