Patient Spotlight: Jeff Soelberg

Patient Spotlight: Jeff Soelberg

Jeff Soelberg wears two Point Digits on his right hand, and he uses them daily. Depending on what he’s doing he will use them for up to six or eight hours at a time. He uses them in all types of activities, but mainly for daily activities around his house and in his daily life. 

With his Point Digits, Jeff is able to use many of the same tools and carry out many of the same tasks as he would before his accident. Although his Point Digits help him accomplish many of the tasks that were routine before his accident, he is limited by the pain in his residual hand, and tends to limit his use of equipment that has a large amount of impact force. 

Patient Spotlight: Jeff Soelberg

Jeff tells us that he is able to use his digits in all environments, and that although it was difficult to find, he does have a glove that he often wears with his prosthesis. If his digits do get dirty though, Jeff is able to clean them with soap and water most of the time, sometimes relying on stronger detergents to get them completely cleaned. 

Patient Spotlight: Jeff Soelberg

Jeff was one of the first patients to receive Point Digits and has had the most time to reflect on how they function. With three and a half years of use, his original Point Digits have lasted long beyond their expected lifespan without any service. The longevity of Jeff's Point Digits underscores the dedication and effort made by the team at Point Designs to ensure that our prosthetic fingers are the most reliable, durable prostheses available today. 

Patient Spotlight: Jeff Soelberg
Patient Spotlight: Jeff Soelberg

Jeff has told us that the best way to improve how patients use Point Designs' prostheses is to have them share their experiences with one another, both postive and negative. Every person is different in what they do and what they think, and learning from one another is the best way to improve. 

Overall, Jeff is very satisfied with his digits. He noted that “while nothing replaces the original equipment, the one thing that is most important is that they give me a feeling of being as whole as possible. Nothing can replace that.”

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