Point Designs leverages 3D-printing to manufacture high-strength prosthetic fingers for people with partial hand loss. The ratcheting, positionable designs ensure that persons with digit loss can perform heavy-duty manual labor or delicate tasks requiring high-dexterity.

We focus on patient outcomes that include regaining functionality and getting our patients back to work. This is why we offer free fingertip replacement pads for the life of the product, a comprehensive 24-month warranty, and fast shipping (2-days).

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Reimbursement support

We are here to help all of our customers by providing billing resources, insights, and assistance throughout the entire life cycle of each case. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about insurance authorization or billing.

Point Designs offers personalized reimbursement packages to clinicians regarding new cases that may benefit from a Point Designs prosthesis. In this package, we provide personalized, data driven recommendations for prosthesis type, highlighting different use cases and previous patient successes.




In addition to our other social media accounts, we have an active YouTube account where we will be posting videos of our ambassadors using their Point Designs prostheses, and success stories of our patients and of our company. Subscribe to stay in the loop!