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Rachel Grow

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Angie Coe


Jeff Soelberg

Do you have questions related to amputation or limb loss? Do you have questions about how our patients feel about prosthetic fingers?  If so, please reach out to our ambassadors by using the direct message feature on their Instagram profile. Click the buttons below to visit their Instagram pages. 

Point Designs' ambassadors are a group of passionate, hardworking people who overcame adversity and who now move through life with newfound purpose. Through their stories, we hope that both current and future patients are able to envision what their life might look like and how they might succeed with Point Designs' prosthetic fingers. All of our ambassadors use their digits to accomplish tasks that require a reliable, heavy-duty prosthesis. These activities include managing a ranch and a cleaning business, operating and training others in the use of firearms, and weightlifting and endurance training. 

In February of 2020, Angie Coe as in an off-roading accident that resulted in the amputation of digits 3-5 on her right hand. Although this accident was life changing, Angie did not let it break her spirit and she strived to adapt and overcome the challenges that her new reality brought to her life.

As soon as she recovered enough, Angie searched for a prosthesis that would allow her some of the freedoms that she enjoyed prior to her accident. She soon found that solution with Point Designs, and in collaboration with Arm Dynamics, was able to get a custom fabricated prosthesis that was just right for her.

Among the most important things that Angie has experienced since her accident has been the outpouring of love and support from her family, her friends, and from the passionate community of amputees and prosthetics users that she has joined. She’s been able to share her experiences and help others who are going through similar situations, while also learning how other patients have found success.

“Thank you Arm Dynamics and Point Designs for the incredible work you do! Both these companies will be there to support you from the moment you first talk to them until, well, forever!! Their support does not end after you get your prosthetic. They truly care about you and they want to be a part of your success and confidence. I’m eternally grateful to them 🙏🏻🦾”

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In July of 2016, Jeff was in an industrial accident that resulted in the amputation of 2-4 on his right hand. After his accident, Jeff spent more time on his fitness and began participating in endurance challenges. He now uses his life experiences to advocate on behalf of those with limb loss of all kinds. 

Jeff Soelberg wears three Point Digits on his right hand, and he uses them daily. Depending on what he’s doing he will use them for up to six or eight hours at a time. He uses them in all types of activities, but mainly for daily activities around his house and in his daily life. 

Jeff was one of the first patients to receive Point Digits and has had the most time to reflect on how they function. With three and a half years of use, his original Point Digits lasted long beyond their expected lifespan without any service. The longevity of Jeff's Point Digits underscores the dedication and effort made by the team at Point Designs to ensure that our prosthetic fingers are the most reliable, durable prostheses available today. 

"While nothing replaces the original equipment, the one thing that is most important is that they give me a feeling of being as whole as possible. Nothing can replace that."

Rachel is a congenital amputee with two digits on her left hand. After a lifetime of use, her residual digits began to lose strength, necessitating the creation of an upper limb prosthesis. With such a unique presentation, Rachel's clinician at Arm Dynamics had to create a unique design that provided strength while still offering comfort and functionality. 
These design requirements led to her current prosthesis, which makes use of a hybrid design that is wrist driven. Using two Point Digit mini's and a Point Partial, Rachel is able to harness the power of her wrist movement to move the digits for grasp and release. Her socket is also suspended further up her wrist than in most cases, offering additional support and comfort. 
"As a congenital amputee, I’ve always had to come up with creative ways to complete daily tasks. Now that I have the Point Design Digits, I can do a lot more than I could before I lost the use of my hand. It has vastly improved my quality of life and allows me to reach the goals I set for myself."