Point Designs Accessories

As the only wear part on our prosthetic fingers, Point Designs has committed to providing all fingertip pads and grip bands for free for the lifetime of the prosthesis.

We also offer a 24-month limited warranty which covers defects in material, workmanship, etc.

Grip Bands

IMG_8217-1Point Designs strives to design products that are as functional as possible, which is why we have developed touchscreen compatible grip bands for all of our prosthetic fingers.

Grip Bands are accessory components for the Point Digit, Point Digit mini, Point Partial, and Point Thumb that add high friction grip surfaces to the segments of the digits. Grip Bands are made of durable, touchscreen compatible, injection molded silicone and are designed to fit onto existing Point Designs digits.

Point Designs' grip band accessory components are consumable parts. Clinicians can contact Point Designs and request additional sets when replacements are required. These can be sent to any requested location.

For the Point Partial, only distal grip bands are available. 

Click here to view the Grip Band product overview

Fingertip Pads

Heavy Duty Fingertip Pads

Touchscreen Compatible Fingertip Pads: molded silicone; compliant, conductive surface

All fingertip pads are field replaceable and compatible with all of our other prosthetic fingers.